April Fools

April fools day is one of my favorite non-Jesus related(is that politically correct) holidays!!!

This was a fail because right after this Aaron caught on that it was a prank. Prior to this I convinced him to let me try a mediation method on him. The plate had soot(black smudge I would talk him through rubbing it all over his face) on the bottom. I was tricked into doing this as a kid and was brain storming pranks for today with my mom and sister-my side kicks, instigators or partners in crime depending on the day. But don’t worry I got him in another way!

Anyway, I appreciated this really good prank we saw today. Drove to Portland, I know super ambitious due to traffic and parking and so many people, and we park in a residential neighborhood a block or two away from a main road with shops and restaurants. This lady walks to her car, sees something on her windshield and starts throwing around the F-bomb. Well she thought it was a parking ticket but instead it was a coupon from one of the local shops!!

Comment with good pranks or stories I’d love a good laugh.

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