DIY Easy All Natural Deodorant

This is what I started with when I truly got the natural and less-plastic itch. This recipe is easy, customizable, has a small margin of error and uses household ingredients that can be used in many different items.



3 TBSP Shea Butter (mine is in plastic, currently looking for a non plastic but can’t be perfect)

2 TBSP Coconut Oil – got it in BULK

3 TBSP Arrowroot Powder-(or organic non gmo corn starch) got it in BULK

1 TBSP Baking Soda– can get it in BULK and/or cardboard box to recycle or compost

~6-10 drops Essential Oil (this depends on how strong you want it)


  1. Put squatty mason jar (or another glass jar of choice) on a skillet with water in the pan (makeshift double broiler)-turn on medium.
  2. Add Coconut Oil and Shea Butter (this is when you can swag it and put drops of different oils you like; almond, carrot seed, hemp, grapeseed etc). Let melt and occasionally stir.
  3. Add Baking soda and arrowroot powder slowly and stir/whisk, once combined, take off heat.
  4. Add essential oils when it’s a little cooler and let sit. Stir occasionally until it semi-hardens up, depending on season/temperature. Let harden overnight and use the next day 🙂


  • the more baking soda or arrowroot powder the courser and more heavy duty (so not for sensitive skin but good for heavy sweaters) and the opposite for less powders (we usually do just arrowroot in the recipe for easy going days)
  • There are lots of alternative combinations but this seems to be my favorite (I have a sensitive-less powder for easy days- and a regular jar- for sweaty days). Other recipes have cornstarch which is fine too if you want to substitute
  • store bought natural kinds seem to be dry for me. And the ones that come in cardboard are pricey.
  • Don’t just throw away all your store bought deodorant now, use it until its gone if you like it, I don’t think it will kill you. Alternate days when you use store bought and your DIY deodorant to get your body accommodated, this is different for everyone. Took me about 2 weeks.
  • I haven’t noticed any oil stain on any of my clothes. Maybe if I wore tight, white, thin t-shirts..but I don’t!

Enoy, and remember, YourEarthIt! <<<<<

Price breakdown can be found Here

My inspiration for this blog and also why aluminum is bad and other non-oil options.  click Here

3 thoughts on “DIY Easy All Natural Deodorant

    1. I don’t usually have hair issues but Aaron rubs it on his fingers first to warm it up/creamy then shmear it on, call it a day, it may be the bootleg version I gave you that store-bought modified


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