DIY Easy All Natural Deodorant

This is what I started with about 6 months ago when I truly got the natural & less-plastic itch. This recipe is easy, customizable, has a small margin of error and uses household ingredients that can be used in many different items.



3 TBSP Shea Butter (wah, mine is in plastic, currently looking for a non plastic but can’t be perfect)

2 TBSP Coconut Oil – got it in BULK

3 TBSP Arrowroot Powder-(or organic non gmo corn starch) got it in BULK

1 TBSP Baking Soda– can get it in BULK and/or cardboard

~6 drops Essential Oil (don’t mind all my different brands…speaking of brands, not sure which ones to buy? Click Here)


Put squatty mason jar (or another glass jar of choice) on a skillet with water in the pan (makeshift double broiler)-turn on medium.

Add Coconut Oil and Shea Butter (this is when you can swag it and put drops of different oils you like; almond, carrot seed, hemp, grapeseed etc). Let melt and occasionally stir.

Add Baking soda and arrowroot powder slowly and stir/whisk, once combined, take off heat.

Add essential oils when it’s a little cooler and let sit aside. Stir occasionally until it semi-hardens up, depending on season/temperature. Let harden overnight and use the next day 🙂

Helpful hints:

  • the more essential oil the stronger the smell
  • the more baking soda or arrowroot powder the courser and more heavy duty (so not for sensitive skin but good for heavy sweaters) and the opposite for less powders ( we usually do just arrowroot in the recipe for easy going days)
  • There are lots of alternative combinations but this seems to be my favorite ( I have a sensitive-less powder for easy days- and a regular jar- for sweaty days)- others have cornstarch which is fine too if you want to substitute
  • store bought natural kinds are too dry for me but there are some good ones that come in cardboard but $$ compared to make yourself
  • Don’t just throw away all your store bought deodorant now, use it until its gone if you like it, I don’t think it will kill you. Alternate days when you use store bought and your DIY deodorant to get your body accommodated, this is different for everyone. Took me about 2 weeks.
  • I haven’t noticed any oil stain on any of my clothes. Maybe if I wore tight, white, thin t-shirts..but I don’t!

Enoy, and remember, YourEarthIt! <<<<<

Price breakdown can be found Here

My inspiration for this blog and also why aluminum is bad and other non-oil options.  click Here

COMING SOON- Spray version!!


    1. I don’t usually have hair issues but Aaron rubs it on his fingers first to warm it up/creamy then shmear it on, call it a day, it may be the bootleg version I gave you that store-bought modified


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