DIY Easter Egg Bath Fizz-Bombs – easy and natural

He is Risen! Happy Easter everyone, what a great God we have to send his son to die for us.

I love baths, I want to know who doesn’t? I also love winging recipes, because it’s faster and I am not really a perfectionist so it’s fun to not have to be so technical, this is the perfect concoction for that. A little holiday cute craft is always fun. Where did the Easter Bunny and eggs come into all of this? anyway…


about 1 cup Baking Soda -got in BULK or cardboard

about 1/2 cup Cream of Tartar or citric acid -got in BULK

about a heaping 1/4 cup Epsom salt (looking for an eco-friendly packaging or somewhere that has is in BULK)

about 2 teaspons Oil of some sort-I used coconut and olive oil

about 6-10 drops Essential oils of your choosing for smell or their health benefits

Water spritzer (optional)


Mix all dry ingredients together.

Add both kinds of oils and mix(funnest/messiest with hands).

When you swish a handful and it stick together then it is good consistency, if its crumbly spritz a spray of water or add more(a splash of) carrier oil(coconut, olive oil, grapeseed oil etc).

Pack the mixture in any form of some sort(mini muffin tin, cut tennis ball, any silicon molding) or pat/form in a ball.

Wait 24 hours about to let harden up, pop it in the bath and enjoy!

Have fun experimenting. From experience, you may fail(it’s not that bad because you can still use the crumbs in your bath) but you are trying and you will learn for next time.

They can be stored in a dry, cool cupboard waiting to be used 🙂


  • If you want it colored, add food coloring (then it wont be natural and most food coloring come in plastic)
  • if you want multiple ‘flavors’ split up the dry ingredients and gradual add liquid til good consistency
  • With the plastic Easter Eggs(if you already have or get from goodwill & use them forever THEN recycle them-thats a different subject), cut the edge that connects the top and bottom for easier removal-but be gentle when doing so I crumbled/broke in a half a couple
  • The more moist the higher success rate I have learned but you don’t want it to sticky/goopey/wet, careful when adding more water! they may get to foamy and dry all holey and not really work well…see photo.IMG_5315
  • If you use a silicon mold it may be hard to pack it in because it’ll just move around, but if you think you’ve gotten enough in there let dry for 2-3 days since silicon is resistance to moisture it’ll take longer to fully dry
  • READ/FOLLOW caution labels for ingredients and careful/not recommended for using/making with kids!
Citrus esssential oil Bath Bomb used from a silicon donut baking mold. Notice the chunks from a failure, still delightful…

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