DIY Birch Mini Coat/Key Rack 

The art of WINGING it. This took me less than an hour! 

People say, “oh your so good at crafting” or “I wish I was as crafty as you”, well good news, anyone can be! I grew up with crafts all around me but never the practical kind like wood shop or painting/drawing. You just gotta wing it with what you got. It takes trial and error, but also creativity and laughter. You will fail but you will also learn, just like cooking or baking or making your own mascara… 
Anywho. In a nutshell. I whacked off a chunk of this cute wood(is there such a thing?) and drilled holes in it and glued/shoved smaller sticks in it. 

It’s for a friends baby boys room so it’ll probably be cuter there than my entryway..

Went at an angle and wung it- went for rustic look!

It started raining on me so yeah I made a huge mess and finished indoors…powertools are fun and messy but be careful! 

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