Make Every Day, Earth Day with these EASY zero waste beginner tips

but how do I, why should I care, where do I start?

GO for a more sustainable, ethical, & eco-friendly lifestyle. As any apprenticeship, it takes time. I truly believe that the amount of effort you put in the amount of reward/outcome you will get. For example, I have reduced my trash& recycling combined by  %80-85, but I have put in about %85 effort(this is after 6-8 months)! Take your time and progress in 3 baby steps back and two steps back all the while being conscious of these changes/choices. Imagine a cleaner more renewable environment. What if everyone did %10, %20…%50!? Enough with words and numbers: here’s the meat.

Easy to Harder

  • Buy a tad less THINGS in plastic packaging and RECYCLE when you do(some produce not in a pre-packaged bag like free standing onions, spices in glass jars, bread in bakery section in a paper bag, etc). Just recognizing all that goes in your trash will motivate you enough.
  • Turn off lights&electronics when not using them
  • Try and shorten/trim your beauty routine (less steps=less products that are chemical and come in plastic and most likely conserving water by not needing all the time pampering) I LOVE THIS one, coming soon is eco-friendly natural/simple bathroom tips & recipes.
  • Bring your own grocery bags (its so easy to forget! Some grocery stores have e-receipts and I love it, so much paper/trees wasted on receipts) farmers market, take out food, grocery store, clothing shopping etc.
  • Bring your own plates and silverware/containers to family picnics, baby showers, take out food, etc. (less paper products that usually just go in trash)
  • Only get post-consumer recycled and recyclable cleaning products
  • make your own cleaning & bathroom products -more on this later
  • Compost & garden-more on this later
  • Say NO to anything styrofoam, bubble-wrap, clingwrap, and plastic…(plain and simple)

The list can go on…but the key is not to stress, anything and everything helps, when in doubt deep breaths and prayer and remember Your. Earth. It.

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