Out to Eat/Drink & also ECO-friendly

Once you go green, you can’t go back! Ignorance is NOT bliss..its ignorance. Steps you can take to reduce your trash while dining out.

  • When visiting coffee shops (all the rage I hear), ask for ‘here’, specifically if they have ceramic mugs, plates & silverware, and if they do, the chances that they are cutely shaped and colored are high – or you can also bring your own!
  • If you are wanting something quick & terrible for your digestive system but delicious & cheap, choose more eco-friendly packaging like you can find at local donut shops & bakeries (cardboard/recyclable/reusable boxes) – or bring your own (recognize a theme?)
  • I’d avoid all corporate fast food if possible..buuuut if you can’t resist, use these recommendations to create less trash, so you may have to go out of your way to explain yourself. Example: No napkins please, no extra sauce packets, no plastic sides container (throw those babies all together like fries and burgers in a paper bag, nuts and dressing on the salad already, etc), no plastic silverware or to-go containers.
  • Bring your own tissue/napkin replacement- cloth handkerchief or old t-shirt/sheet rag
  • Bring your own drink container (mason jar, water bottle etc.) if they use plastic
  • Ask for no receipt to be printed and/or choose the email option if possible and lastly, if they don’t have those options, RECYCLE it yourself. Most likely the store has a GARBAGE right by the check stand to throw away unwanted receipts and things (ahh killing trees AND not recycling!)
  • As far as sit-down restaurants, you may just have to trial and error which restaurants are more accommodating
    • bring your own container for take out like sushi or thai food etc…mmmmm!
    • just ask them, they may think your weird but you probably are and that’s fine!

The hard part is REFUSE if you didn’t bring your own or if they don’t have a good option (this takes time & a leaning curve). It just takes some preparation & planning, like bringing your own ketchup (I recommend Portland Ketchup..YUM!) if you’re getting fast food. Going green can be cute & trendy too!!! NOT that it’s super important to be trendy, but I think it can be fun & helpful if it’s not immoral, like cute-second hand hankies or napkins. I believe the Pacific NW is a little more progressive, like pro-shopping local/ethical/eco-friendly, which is great, but you can also get sucked into materialism/consumerism as well (but that’s a different subject… ).


Thanks everyone, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Always remember, YourEarthit!

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