DIY shave cream and body lotion 2-in-1

Ingredients (this amount fills the small squaty mason jar)

IMG_51041/4 cup coconut oil(bulk in reused jar)
1/4 cup shea butter(mine is fair trade but comes in plastic ugh!)
2 tablespoons Olive Oil (got it in bulk in mason jar)
Any essential oil to your liking 3-10 drops depending on quality of brand and strength of smell to your liking-careful with citrus kinds can make skin sensitive to sunlight

To make: Melt oil and shea butter via double broiler(see below picture for rigged double broiler method), take off heat and stir in olive oil. Cool in freezer for 2 mins increments until its semi-solidifying (but not all the way). Whisk it with a mixer and add essential oils of your liking slowly. Store in an air-tight container in a cool/dry place. To use: lather on hands and rub it on desired area. It will melt and you will need to rinse your razor more often, but that’s okay!

I just use soap for a shaving medium and it works fine, but this as a body butter/lotion for those luxurious days out of a bath or after hair removal- just delightful and very moisturizing. See DIY DIY Body Dew Spray that I LOOVEEE and earth friendly Hair removal

My dad asked if I had a shaving cream alternative..I said “hmm, not yet”, the next day I pinned a couple recipes and voila!  Ask and you shall receive Matthew 7:7

Thanks to The Garlic Diaries for inspiration and in depth explanation of how-to and problem solving!

Easy peeeezy, smooth and moisturizing.

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