Weekend in Seattle



We had a ball this weekend watching the Mariners loose sadly in 13 innings and also creaming the Rangers the day after, visiting Pike Place Market and Hot Dog Alley. It’s a great family tradition and we always run into people we know and catch up. Yeah it’s not the most ideally ethical and earth friendly vacation, but would any vacation be? Exactly. The point is not to be perfect but to be aware and to put abbot of effort, to enjoy, have fun and be thankful.
With that in mind here are some things I experienced, learned and noticed to jot down for next visit:
-Don’t use seat covers-pop a squat-depending on gender and type of human waste!

-Re-use your wine/beer cups(they had compostable ones woohoo)

-Make sure things go in the correct disposing containers-sad how trashed the stadium is after, like its normal to just spew everything at your seat and leave it?!The pessimist in me says they don’t sort that after they clean it up.

-Bring your napkin, silverware and water/drink bottle, and ask not none of the plastic/disposables when getting food&beverages

-Bring your own snacks(good to have healthy options)

-be prepared for weather so your not buying $75 blanket

-order only what you’ll eat and try not to have any wasted food

-reduce the amount of things bought that come in plastic (kettlecorn, cotton candy, candy)

Staying at hotels:
-reuse towels and don’t get room service daily

-if your going to throw anything away put it all in only one trash-so that’s the only one they take out

-if you end up using their sample size shampoos or soaps, take them home to finish and recycle or reuse.

We make it a pretty indulging but also frugal trip, if that’s even possible, by cramming 9 people in one care to reduce parking money but getting $18 nachos…to cancel out…does it work that way? Sure,if that’s what works for you!

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Seattle

  1. You go girl! I try to keep my own plastic utensils in my purse..but I’m genuinely loving all the intelligent suggestions to be more earth conscious🌎


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