DIY Body Dew & How to Replace Daily Lotion 

Hey pals! Ready to wing it!? This is one of my fave products to use. Other companies call it body oil spray, body dew, birthday suit…anyway its awesome. For 1) it saves time(quick spritzing and a swipe of a hand instead of lathering and rubbing in plain old store-bought-comes in plastic-made-of-who-knows-what-lotion) 2). Saves money from buying the above long name products. 4) you most likely have the ingredients 3) Great for your skin & easy! I can’t go into details about health benefits..see this carrier oil link

This is what I used (because I had it). I’ll give some alternatives as well at the end. The beauty is that NONE of these specific ingridients are necessary. 


my measurements are due to my spray bottle (was one cup).

1-2 teaspoons Olive oil

A little under 1/2 cup Grape seed oil

A little under 1/2 Aloe Vera juice

1-2 tablespoons Vegetable glycerin

1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil

1-2 teaspoons Almond oil 

1 teaspoon Carrot seed oil 

30 drops Essential oils (I used Young Living Purification, Francensense and Lavender) 

Directions: mix all ingridients together and put it in your spray bottle…give a good shake before using, spray on skin, slightly rub in. 


  • It should dry within a minute(if not it may be too oily, add a liquid) 
  • Without essential oils it’ll be almost non-fragrant 
  • If your bottle clog up it’s too oily/thick-add a liquid 
  • If you feel like its drying to quickly and your skin doesn’t feel moisturizer-add more oils 
  • It’ll be an interesting yellow color depending on materials used so make sure it’s dry before putting on clothing
  • I don’t think you NEED vegetable glycerin. I bought it a while back thinking it’s really useful…unsure as of now, but I think it makes everything homogenize (fancy word for mix) better. Try it without if you don’t have it and tell me how it goes. 

Alternative materials to grapeseed, olive, vitamin E, carrot seed oil or almond oil. Use quantity ratio to your budget and preference. 

  • Fragmented coconut oil
  • jojoba oil
  • caster oil
  • Raspberry seed oil
  • The list can go on and on! 

Alternative material to Aloe Vera juice. 

  • green tea
  • black tea
  • coconut water
  • water
  • any other water-based material 

Alternative to an old spray bottle.

  • Old essential oil bottle(make it with less liquid/more oil concentrated& way smaller batches)-might effect application rub on hands and rub in quickly. This could be a travel size!!
  • Container with dropper lid(like the vitamin e in the picture below)
  • Old hair product pump bottle
  • Mason jar? (may get messy but if your desperate/lazy, I am a lot of the time) 

Questions or comments? Love it or hate it? Bring it on! Thanks pals. 

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