Don’t Hate, Separate!

WOW, I am just enjoying this warm, bright sun lately! Just how beautiful is this earth? Ever just look up at the sky and appreciate how big, arbitrary, colorful and ambiguous it is? I try to do this daily and I suggest that everyone take a small break from this busy American life and take in the nature, very grounding and therapeutic. I am amazed quite frequently of how wonderful His creation is. We(when I say we I mean my husband) only mowed half of our giant city backyard and now its field grass and almost as tall as I am. It is mesmerizing to be immersed into a small escape from tame/structured landscaping with dragonflies and floral weeds flourishing.


Well the only way to explain this (other) message is a story.

Once up a time in my day before I shopped responsibly and materialism consumed me… Don’t get me wrong I still was cheap about it, I didn’t purchase expensive, name/design- brands items but I was always looking for the next cute kitchen dish, trendy clothing staple, shoes,  coats, leggings etc not paying attention to where it came from or if I actually NEEDED it. That’s a different story…but anyway, I was at HomeGoods and they had this fundraiser for a a charity, I was checking out and the cashier asked me I would donate. I said yes round my total up to the nearest dollar amount ( I often do this if stores have the option). Well the difference was 1 measly cent and the lady treated me as if that 1 cent did nothing. In her defense..yes I obviously had more than a penny to give, Jesus is working on me being more generous. In my defense..if EVERYONE rounded up or donated a penny, how many cents would you have? A LOT. Ever heard “Every little thing counts?”. This is my opinion about a lot of aspects of life, especially being earth-friendly. So the take-home is DON’T HATE AND SEPARATE, it just sounded catchy… So please, take the little bit of effort and time where you are and separate waste items; hopefully more recycling and compost than trash! Hint: Usually its pretty straight forward but if not it is VERY helpful to read the label on said items usually as a triangle with numbers in it or a script saying to recycle it. Whether this is out and about, in your city, on vacation, at work or at home. If they don’t have options, take it home and make a plan- I do it all the time, your friends and family will get used to you pocketing random waste or it’s a convo starter with strangers!

Fun points

  • They had compost/organic bins in P.V. Mexico(bottom left in photo) and in Seattle at the Mariners Game
  • Plastic bags can be recycled into decks or more bags at the local collections place-in Vancouver it’s mostly at grocery stores(see photo). Check the instructions, some take more then just plastic bags, but anything that is thin and film-like plastic
  • Origins at the Vancouver Mall takes old make-up containers to recycle
  • I’ve been collecting dryer lint to use as fire starter/kindling when we go camping
  • You can make money from scrap metal
  • There usually are local school/education programs that take electronics and cars

I am still working on where clothing/fabric scraps can go that can’t be rags or donated to a 2nd hand store. I also have some electric cords, old phones, and paint cans. Do you know where they go? It usually just takes some googling and calls around town to the local recycling plant! The challenge goes on!

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