Camping w/ minimal trash&plastic- Montana Style


For Memorial Day weekend, we did a road trip to Flathead Lake, Montana and Glacier National Park to roast marshmallows, kayak, hike and spend time in the wilderness. If you haven’t been to Montana this is a perfect long weekend trip great for the family or even a romantic getaway(who doesn’t love infrequent showers and baked beans flatulence?).  I wont tell you exactly where to go because I think the beauty in road trips are you figure it out as you go. I have mixed feelings about all the travel blogs/guides/photos, because I’m like- I just want to see it myself, but I also know that some info beforehand is useful! Balance people…that seems to always be my answer. I know what your thinking “but driving just for kicks is wasting gas”, yes it is, that is why we do what we can and pick our battles. Earth, His creation, rejuvenates my soul by strengthening my relationship with our God the Father. I beg to differ that a form of worship can be appreciating the scents, smells, shades of color, texture and vast beauty of the earth. Haven’t you ever felt a soft breeze and it felt like a hug? Or been so infatuated by a field of grass? That’s Jesus ya’ll. ANYWAY! Kalispell was cute, they have


an awesome disc golf course, farmers market, a park that looks over the city, Flathead Lake and onto the glacier park mountains. Flathead lake was peaceful, big, relaxing, had fun shops and restaurants in the small towns all around it. Glacier National park is a must for the nature freaks-but definitely bring bear spray!-recycle the packaging..

Our camping necessities and how we tried to reduce as much trash&plastic as possible:

Discloser: most likely wont work for backpacking..I am attempting for the first time to go backpacking with my papa so I will have to update afterwards..If I make it out alive.. Please Jesus. We were pretty creative with ways to heat things up and such..but that’s the fun!
  • Marshmallows- make your own-that’s my tagline today, we like to use agave, maple syrup or honey instead of corn syrup. See this marshmallow recipe
  • Graham Crackers- make your own- no packaging and we made gluten free ones. They were still so yummy..until I burnt them so..try not to do that.. See this recipe for GF Grahams
  • Chocolate- easy-BULK- we did peanutbutter cups because.DUH
  • Plates and Utensils- we used enamel cookware, and the long metal roasting sticks, brought our own silverware, tin& glass storage containers and plastic picnicking plates(say that 3x fast)-(yes those are plastic, we wont eat on them every day of our lives..yup that is my argument and hey, I’ve never claimed to be 100% plastic free). Funny thing is, we actually forgot the plates and used cardboard(one piece for the whole time) than burned it at the end.sad.
  • Hotdogs-Our natural grocery store had Uncured Grass fed beef hotdogs in the butcher section- compost(‘Pack-in Pack-out’ rule applies) or burn the butcher paper!
  • Baked Beans- yet again..make your own! The night before we left we wung it in the crock pot; black beans, rice, couple cups of water, BBQ sauce, maple syrup, onions, Worcestershire sauce, bacon pieces & ketchup. Add or subtract-but multiply first :)- any ingredient you want! Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
  • Other foods like ground beef for burgers, veggies, fruit& trail mix-produce, BULK & butcher department. See Grocery Shopping post-to come.
  • Drinks- water bottle fills from the spouts at the state parks we stayed at…and Beer& Wine in mason jars-remember to recycle 🙂 repetition is key right?
  • Tent, campin chairs, air mattress(hey were all getting old), sleeping bags, deck of cards, frisbee, baseball (sorry getting off topic), Towels and cloth napkins, biodegradable soap,  essential oil bug spray & sunscreen (my plastic, chemical bugaboo-NOT FOR LONG). I wont get into clothing..that’s a whole different debate.

Photos from our trip…

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Things that we’d do different next time in Glacier would be to book camp sites in advance, bring bikes, have at least 3 or more days to explore, don’t speed in the park (from experience-whoopsy $$), and go when most roads and trails are open.

Did I forget something? I may hold the record for most parenthesis not used in the correct way. Also, one of these days I am going to define my underlined words- DARN IT ENGLISH LANGUAGE SPELL CHECK.

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