4 Healthy Earth Hair Removal Methods

Summer time means exposed body parts…hopefully the good kind like legs and arms. Remember the sunscreen and to be safe & thankful this 4th of July because

God is Love.

Eco-friendly-no plastic-no chemicals-reduce/reuse/recycle for both men and woman hair removal is one of the EASIEST & cheapest entities. These are in no specific order…

  1. Safety Razor- recyclable blades, stainless steel, close cut & safe-literally. (armpits and legs)
  2. Sugar Wax w/ old sheet/t-shirt strips- it’s sugar, water and lemon juice or vinegar, recipe/directions coming soon. easy peezy but a little painful…my Grandma Clockum said “Beauty is Pain”, I (TMI) personally use for bikini & mustache…
  3. Electric Razor- bzzzzzzz for EVERYWHERE and anywhere-very fast.
  4. Tweezer-plucking is tedious but can do fine details like eyebrows and mole hairs..don’t ask.

ENJOY! ps.. here’s a photo of my stud athlete, freshly manscaped hubby who has encouraged and supported me through all of this. /CurrentlyGoingVegan…stay tuned.


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