My First Backpacking Trip- PNW style

I do half-day hikes on occasions, I would like to do it more, but I think that is one definite part of life; you always want more of something you like. The kicker is that those things are most likely conflicting; time, money, travel, fun, love, etc. So I probably average 1-2x/month in the peak seasons, and my dad is a hiking machine! We planned to backpack (my first time ever and his in 20+ years) the week after fathers day on a section of the Pacific Crest Trial from the Wind River/Trout Creek to Gillette Lake Trailhead. When we got picked up, my husband asked “So how was the trip?” My dad replied with “That’s a good question..”.  We did a lot of things right..and we did a lot of things wrong. Two days later, I was still sore sitting on my mosquito-bite covered butt on the couch drafting this post.


I’ll explain backpacking like this:

I was always hungry but never appetized. I was constantly eating but never full.
It was dirty but breathtakingly beautiful. I felt grimy but also pure.
I was in pain but felt alive. It was easy, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
I was tired but also awake. I felt exposed and scared but safe and protected.


I did find myself wondering why the heck is this a thing? Like we voluntarily are trekin the Columbia gorge forest and carrying all of our supplies, burdens, blisters and all! The crazy part is that people do WAY more intense (in-tents HAHA) backpacking trips! I am not opposed to that but there is so much out there in this world to experience, its easy to put all our eggs in one basket (shout-out to my husband) but we most likely shouldn’t. But, I do believe that its a mentally cleansing and grounding (physically and mentally) experience that involves planning, teamwork and emotional growth. So what else would we be doing in that time? Working, laundry, watching netflix, sports, things that can be sacrificed for a short amount of time. It’s nice to be off the grid, not doing errands or even thinking about what needs to get done. I couldn’t do anything about it at that moment so I filed it way away for later and enjoyed the present. In other words, if you have never backpacked….TRY IT!

So where does the eco-friendly, ethical, Jesus-inspired lifestyle advice come into play? One word (that is seemingly coming up more and more often)= BALANCE. Something I learned this week is to: “still enjoy life” or  “LET IT GOOOO”. So I am trying to find that balance as I hope you are as well. Sorry this isn’t that much tangible information, but it’s a form of journaling/therapy  sooo THANKS!


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