DIY Natural Turmeric Zit and Scar Rub

Just say no to icky chemicals!! Especially when applying them to your skin, every day. I did some skincare research and came up with turmeric being a great anti-inflammatory and safe for skin! If you want to just buy this (I’m sure a much better version) check out CocoKind. I am not affiliated.


1 teaspoon(t) Shea Butter and/or Coco butter or half and half

1/4 t Coconut Oil

1/2 t Beeswax

10~ drops Vitamin E oil  (optional)

~1/4 t Vegetable glycerine (optional)

Heaping 1/2 t Ground turmeric

Heaping 1/4 t Ground ginger (optional)

Heaping 1/4 t Brown rice flour (optional)

~ 1/4 t Baking soda

Few drops Lemon juice (optional)

I’m a nerd!


Using your Double Broiler method, melt all liquid/oil and beeswax together. Add powders one at a time stiring them until they are incorporated. Pour in a mini jar, tin or washed jar lid etc. and let set up/cool. Depending on which liquids/oils used and the powder ratios it may be softer or firmer when set. This doesn’t matter, a little goes a long way. Rub with clean finger on desired area and let sit, rinse off in 20 minutes and proceed with regular skin care treatment (homemade facewash, toner & lotion on the way!). Will stain pillows and clothing so this is like a while-doing-the-dishes type thing. Enjoy!

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