Fall Favorites

Happy Fall Ya’ll! surprise ending/scroll down for the goods! I can’t say it’s my favorite season because I love EVERY season. Am I that optimistic of a person normally? To be honest, no, but nature (God’s creation) speaks to me if profound, grounding ways. So the different seasonal celebrations are a grand slam in my book because I was raised with most of the classic traditions so weather+holidays=grand salami. Anyway, I love the colors, decorations, pumpkins, leaves and pumpkins, food, the rain and pumpkins! Halloween is (holidays are another bugaboo((THAT’S A WORD?!)) that I can’t pick favorites because I love them all too, except St Pattys day I don’t know why but I’m open for discussion) SOOO much lighthearted fun and Thanksgiving soon to follow it, is a time for family thankfulness. Don’t even get me started on Christmas, you might be one of those people who grown at the mere mention of holidays-welp sorry NOT sorry…where was I going with any of this?..also do I have to type what’s going on in my mind? I’ll say less unless someone has the courage to tell me other wise.

Either the Dollar Tree(my past life guilty pleasure) or easily DIY’d
In slue of this spiritual, simple, healthy and happy lifestyle that I intend to lead I am excited to announce my affiliation as a Young Living independent distributor. I can hook you up with membership enrollment, varies groups and resources, encouragement and friendship  let alone their AMAZING essential oils and more that I use multiple times a day in multiple aspects of my life. Just to start off, you’ll be able to say goodbye to (for the most part, depending on health conditions) ibuprofen, anti-acids, OTC allergy IMG_6939medications, toxic cleaning products and MUCH MORE! Say HELLO and WELCOME to (to name a few-tutu-); stress-reducing aromas, holistic approaches to health, safe & natural scents  for you and the environment and alternative practices for treating stomach issues, headaches, body inflammation, and congestion. NOTE: I’ve worked with essential oils for only about a year and it’s changed my daily regimen for the better. As far as the business side, I have ZERO clue what I am doing but I guess that’s life and we are all learning in this dreamy magical land.

Contact me if you are interested in the purchasing and/or business aspect, want to know more about it, hear about my story and the real-life applications of Young Living, or to just plain ol’ order one time Holiday Collection at wholesale price through me!! Last year I diffused cinnamon and orange essential oil 24/7!! “This house smells like cinnamon!” (My ZA Gamma Phi sisters all would say)

Thinking about it for a while and ready to take the plunge?!?! Sign up with me here. Get a kit(diffuser, oils & extras) that best fits you. We are an all around wellness company! We have makeup, supplements, cleaning supplies, beauty products, animal care, a baby and kids. Swap out items we would normally buy at Target or a traditional store, and instead grab them through Young Living! 

For Basic Kits, We have a:

– Savvy Minerals Holiday Starter Kit

– “Kids from 1 to 92” Starter Kit

– New Year’s Fitness Holiday Starter Kit

– Seasonal Wellness Holiday Starter Kit

Once there, choose member account (not retail), and then choose the “basic kit” tab at the top right. Choose Basic Starter Kit in step 1 for $45. On step two, you can choose Essential Rewards if you want to order monthly and kick off a whole lifestyle of wellness, or you can skip it! On step three, add the products you want by clicking…wait for it… “add more products” then searching for them. YL will ask for your SSN, and you can skip that too. I can’t wait for you to get started. As soon as you grab your kit, I’ll add you as a friend and get you into our team Facebook groups. It is an investment that definitely has lifelong benefits. I am here to say that I am a normal person-ish with another career just adding this on for fun and it has turned into one of many passions.

Thank you Jesus.


Halloween Dance Video K&A 2015



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