Fabulous Dry Shampoo Recipe

Step 1: Make a list of 50 things to do

Step 2: Do a completely different, random, non-important thing instead


DIY Dry Shampoo Ingredients

1 part Cocoa powder -optional, IF you have brown/black/dark hair ( we use non alkalized & got it in BULK)

1 part baking soda (the magician of the DIY world)

1 part Corn Starch (try to get non GMO and organic..or use arrowroot powder or play around with different starchy powders)

6-10 drops of yummy essential oils ( I did Cedarwood and Rosemary)- optional

Cute small make-up brush for application


Combine dry components and add essential oils and whisk it up. Dip the brush in the

Found this babe of a craft kit at a thrift store 
powder tap off the excess and brush on you hair, mostly roots that are oily. Give it a hand swipe or head whip and you MAY look this this gem====================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


“Girl you greasy, just shower” -Others

“Too much effort”- Me

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