DIY Felt Holly Christmas Garland 

Merry Christmas Craft

Christmas time for me equals crafting…and baking and Christmas music and good smelling trees and pinecones and laughing and gift wrap and pretty lights and fun sweaters and snuggly movie nights and and Elf and cookies and paddleball… Well anyway, you can use this as a craft for yourself on a rainy afternoon by the fire, as a craft party activity for you and some friends, or put supplies together and gift someone a craft kit box! It’s cute and easy. Who doesn’t love that?


Green and red felt( at least one sheet each)

~7 ft Bakers twine red & white, small twine, embroidery thread ect.

A pair of good crafting/fabric scissors

One thick with large eye embroidery needles example here. NOT affiliated

Easy Method 


Step 1: Cut out 16-22 red circles about a penny size (see template link in step 2).


Step 2: Cut out 12-16 green holly leaves. I made a template  using this print out


Step 3: Thread the string through the needle and sew holly leaves and circles in the pattern you like (I did random amounts of circles & always had at least one circle between the leaves, see finished photo)

Medium difficulty level method


Follow Steps 1&2 above

Step 3: Thread string through the needle and sew holly leaves in bunches of 1 or 2 with corresponding 1-2 rec circles. The picture below shows using one holly leaf. For two, just hold them together and sew through all felt layers (one stitch per red circle).


Step 4: Embroidery stitch two stitches along the middle of each holly leaf. Do this first by tying a knot in extra piece of string (indicated with a penciled dot in kit) after threading it through needle, then start in the back of the holly leaf and thread just underneath the red without going through the red circle from backside to front side. Your stitches should be about 3-5 cm long and ~2 mm apart. End with a knot close to back as possible and cut thread close to knot.



A snip-it into my life…

This Christmas Eve, Van City Church (a place my husband and I call home), will gather at our normal 5 PM time to read the Christmas story, have food and drink, and sing carols by candlelight. Join us for an evening of Christmas celebration. Also, check out Church of Agony  .I am pretty sure (for the most part) they’ll be leading us in song. CAN’T WAIT.

December 24, 5 PM, 1812 Main St. Vancouver Van City Church



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