Castile Soap as Hand Soap. That’s it.

Soap is a wonderful, ancient thing!! I don’t want to go on and on about it, though I could, so here you go:

Soap from most main manufactures have SCARY ingredients, are antibacterial (bad), are tested on innocent animals (super bad) and come in plastic that create trash and exhaust byproducts in the atmosphere via manufacturing(super super bad). We all use soap on our bodies/skin, I would hope, so let’s make it a less negative experience for everyone and more of a joyful, simple, cleansing daily routine. For all you DIYers, I have tried various Pinterest recipes for different hand soap mixtures and here’s the thing; You don’t need anything fancy or complicated.

Just Castile Soap.

So next time you need hand soap; plain, plant-based Castile soap is best. I like ones that are organic and come in glass or recyclable bottles, but I especially enjoy BULK. Dr. Bronners is most popular. Or homemake it! I intend to try (again, after my fail) really soon so stay tuned.


Hand soap dispenser

Liquid castile soap

Water to dilute (if your extra frugal-optional)

6-10 drops Essential oils (optional)

If we all just had a tad bit more Amish inspiration in our lives..

If we all just had a tad bit more Amish influence in our lives..

Helpful links

Antibacterial Soap? You Can Skip It, Use Plain Soap and Water by the U.S FDA

Or an openly against the FDA post…

10 Toxic Beauty Ingredients To Avoid by The Huffington Post

Or the cutest one minute video simply explaining how soap works

How Does Soap Work by The Science Guy

Or this awesome prezi made in 2013

Negative Effects of Soap on the Environment

Or this article

Soaps and Detergents: Environmental Safety by the Cleaning Institute

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