DIY Easy Paper Flag Banner

Hey cuties, (yum clementines)

Spring Time is Near

The sun is up, there is still a little bit of snow on the ground, I am using my phone as a hotspot for this post and it’s a wonderful day to be alive. Sometimes I think we forget to recognize the breath of life from the Holy Spirit. So welcome to this day, whatever day you may be reading this on. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, listen to your heartbeat and appreciate being alive.  Thank you Jesus, for giving us life. Amen!

Time to appreciate the little things, like cute paper banners in a kitchen or at a party. I love banners! There is one for every occasion, usually inexpensive and easily DIY’d, and its quick set up and take down.



  • Cute paper 1-2 or more sheets
  • old cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional) -replace with hole punch and cute string/twine/ribbon

Cut out a template of the shape you want your ‘flags’ to be ( I used triangles big and small). Click  here  for a tutorial of how to maximize paper space. She gives detailed instructions for a fabric banner @ I Can’t Stop Crafting.




and literally sew a 1/4 inch seam, leaving like 1-2  ‘fake stitches’ in between pieces. (the needle goes up and down but it doesn’t stitch anything (it gives some space between the pieces to freely move) ). Glue or hole punch and tie and cute ribbon/twine at the ends for decoration/fanciness (optional) and enjoy! If you don’t sew then hole punch at corners and thread ribbons through. 2-3 sheets of paper is about 6-8 feet of banner. I cut about 10 big triangles and 16 little on if I did a mix. I used a few of these for my sissy’s tea party baby shower. It was a hit!!


Upper left: I collected the scraps in the remaining cereal box  of making a template and composted them! or you can recycle. Or use them to make your own compostable/biodegradeable confetti with a small punch! The oppurtunities are endless.

Upper right: My bootleg templates I wung (yes, that’s a word)

Bottom left: Cute paper

Bottom right: Sewing in action

3 thoughts on “DIY Easy Paper Flag Banner

  1. My daughter & I enjoyed making these together, with a lil help from my sister in law, and wonderful niece!! #yachtradio #goodtimes #artsNcrafts4life


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