Easter Basket Almond Joy No Bake Cookies

He is Risen!!!

No refined sugar, gluten free, Vegan, almond, chocolate, coconut, no bake Cookies, a yummy mouthful.


1/2 cup agave (or other sweetener of choice, maple syrup, honey etc)

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup almond butter

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1-1/2 cup oats (quick or old fashion)

1-1/2 cup shredded coconut (split)- we did unsweetened

1/4 cup almonds (1/8 food processed into small/medium sized chunks)


Melt agave, coconut oil, almond butter and cocoa powder in a medium pot on the stove on low/medium stirring frequently until all combined and a little bubbly from the heat. Meanwhile, mix oats, 1/2 of the coconut and the almonds chunks in a bowl. Pour the melted mixture on the dry stuff and stir. Drop with a spoon on silicon baking sheet or wax paper 1-1/2 inch wide. Top with the rest of coconut and an almond (“egg”) in the middle forming the basket. Let sit for 20 mins or put in fridge for 5-10 and enjoy!! Store in fridge for up to a week in a sealed container.

Happy Easter everyone! What an amazing weekend. We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. I am thankful for the freedom to worship God and opening display my affection. Enjoy this moment, something I continue to tell myself.

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