Buttons are the new Bumper Stickers

Flare is back! I used to collect cat buttons…well cat memorabilia in general..but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, some of my friends have rekindled my love for buttons, so instead of getting rid (while decluttering my life) of all my buttons for someone else to never understand. I am wearing them, giving them as gifts and embracing their true purpose; not to collect dust in junk drawers, but to wear someone’s art about your emotions, memories, opinions and thoughts.

The nostalgia of buttons are just pure joy, from movie characters to old photos to feminist sayings to high school ASB campaigning. That’s why I think buttons are the new bumper stickers, but with a less ‘shove-my-political-opinion-down-your-throat-with-a-snide- remark’ kind of way and little more ‘conversation-worthy-socks’ cheer.

Best way to display them: denim. Might as well embrace the 90’s with fanny packs and all (I never gave them up).

see inspiration and the masters below

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