DIY Healing Lotion Bar. Thursday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

Thursday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition. DAY 4 PEOPLE!! We can do this. You know those days where you are just exhausted to think. I think I’m there. Thank God for rest and Friday’s to come and sleep and snuggling with a book.

DIY Healing Lotion Bar

I seriously love these things, any kind of any sort. My auntie gifted some to me for my birthday OVER 6 months ago and I just ran what do I do? I make it myself. These are my pointers: I only use them when I’m real dry and crusty, need extra moisturizing like after shaving, or have have any dry spots. I use them before bed or in the winter whenever because your going to bundle up in clothes anyway BECAUSE they can feel a little sticky (with beeswax) and greasy (without beeswax). BUT who cares they work and are SOOO easy to make AND use. You jut rub a dub dub and your skin does the melting and rubbing at the same time. mind blown.

What you need for BEESWAX ones (makes roughly 2 bars or 4 small ones) 

1/4 cup Shea butter

1/4 cup Coconut oil

1/4 cup Beeswax

Other oils- vit E, apricot kernel, grapeseed, argon, jojoba, safflower etc. -optional

10-15 drops Essential oils-I used lavender and frankincense- optional

molds or muffin tins

What you need for NON-BEESWAX ones (makes 1 bar or 2 small ones)

1 tablespoon Shea butter

2 tablespoons coco butter

1/2 teaspoon Other oils (see above for examples)- optional

5-10 drops Essential oils- I used Young Livings JOY blend- optional

molds or muffin tin


Melt all ingredients together except the essential oils via double broiler method (see my bootleg version below). Take off heat, add essential oils. Pour into molds (see photo for small and large) or muffin tin, or make a big batch by multiplying ingredients into bread pan and cut into bars (tell me how that goes I haven’t tried). Let sit out to harder or put in fridge/freezer and use when hardened. They should stay solid at room temp. Store extras in the fridge/freezer. Rub on designated area and enjoy the lather, smooth goodness of fresh -radiant-dewy skin.

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