DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer. Friday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

TGIF!! Day 5 of A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition. Summer is just around the river bend, which means the sun is out and I am outside. The past year I’ve been feeling a little guilty for my future self of not wearing sunscreen every day. Half of that I think is just myths we’ve been told, BUT it doesn’t hurt and yes the sun CAN damage your skin. I think everyone can attest to that. This DIY daily sunscreen is light enough to use under make up or just use the tinted version for a natural look.

DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer

I’m really not going to get into the SPF debacle about “other oils” like carrot seed or coconut, uncoated, non-nano zinc oxide does work! My recipe is ~%20 in weight zinc oxide so about 20 Sun Protector Factor or SPF.

what you need (makes a small major jar amount, will seriously last for a long time because you really don’t need to use that much to apply)

.4 oz (~1 tablespoon) shea butter ( are you recognizing a theme to this DIY)

.4 oz (~1 tablespoon) coconut oil (non fractioned)

.2 (2 teaspoons) uncoated, non-nano Zinc Oxide Powder (see label in photo below)

.2 (1 teaspoon) Other Oils of your choosing for your skin properties (I used argon, carrot seed and vit E combo)

~ 1 tablespoon coco powder (option for tinted version)

Hand mixer

Food scale

Mason jar or tin or reusable container


Have ingredients room temperature. Put glass container on scale and tare it to 0. Add all ingredients except zinc oxide and coco powder (for tinted). Mix and whip it up with hand mixer for a minute. Use food scale to correct amount of zinc oxide. Mix again until incorporated. Add coco powder while mixing (or bronzer/powder foundation) slowly until desired color.

Use prior to make up application and multiple times if in direct sunlight. I brush on powder make up to soak up the oils. I’ve made other sunscreen like a SPF lotion bar and loved it but it’s sticky and waterproof to stay on. Will do that recipe another day!! Have fun in the sun. Like my kitty!!

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a skin expert, use caution with homemade stuff (but I’m proud of you)

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