June: Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Learning definitions of things take examples of what it is and what it is NOT. So lets try to get something straight.

Inner Beauty is NOT defined by:

  • skin color, texture, complexion, shade
  • hair length, color, texture, style, shade, volume
  • body weight, size, shape, length, health
  • clothing, possessions, travel experience, cars, accessories, jobs

Rewriting our definition of


Beauty is:

  • generosity
  • love
  • compassion
  • faithfullness
  • confidence
  • laughter
  • appreciation
  • patience
  • hard work
  • hope

I am not anti-makeup. I do believe things and people are beautiful: flowers, art, mountains, women. The thing that I don’t think most people get is that Beauty is about more than just the outside. It’s whats on the inside that matters most. Yeah, we’re taught that general concept in school, educations/ethical/morale books and TV shows, but do we live it? Do you practice it? Do we believe it? Most likely no. And yeah, I believe that some people are more aesthetically or physiologically pleasing to the eye but not by (my new) definition of Beauty. They can be attractive and appealing. I think that Americans have a skewed scale of beauty (I can’t speak for others or in fact probably no one); weighing external more than internal, believing lies that the media provides or generational assumptions about external beauty we’re brought up to know. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I won’t go on a rampage, after all this is to be considerate of all perspectives. I do understand there are HUGE worldly cultural/racial/religious involvements and I’m not pretending like I understand them, but let’s create not consume our own definitions by rewording our brains understanding on beauty.

I just got an email (TOTAL JUNK) titled thus: “How to Slow Signs of Aging”. You know what?! It made me a little angry… How many women have amazing older mentors that are beautiful in all their concentration, determination forehead wrinkles, with all their full blown belly laugh eye crows feet? My hope is that the answer is ALL women do, whether that’s a grandmother, a neighbor, a teacher, an aunt, a celebrity, an author, a women of history etc. GUESS WHAT? Every living being will get wrinkles with age. This doesn’t even cover what was inside of this email; pushy marketing for toxic chemical products. I look forward to the day people look at me and think “she has wisdom and has looked straight at far too many sunsets” rather than “she doesn’t have wrinkles at her age”. What about you?

With all that being said, women, you are strong and beautiful.



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