Outlive the Test of Time with the Most Rewarding (and free) Father’s Day Gift

Go outside.

Hike. Walk. Camp. Kayak. Backpack. Rollerblade. Skateboard. Go to a dog park (with or without a dog ha!). Being outside is nice and it seems like I don’t appreciate the sky and fresh air ever enough. Might as well share that with our dads while spending time together and creating comfortable places and fun memories?!? And most simple activity of walking outside. Free. A win-win to me.

Those who don’t have a special father-figure to spend the day with?

Go outside.

Spend time with your Father our God. The most powerful, loving and perfect father. To chat, grieve, vent, cry, breath, rest, exercise, have fun and just plain ol share life with.


Dad, if your reading this, can’t wait for our backpacking adventures! Thanks for being you. Love you lots.


  1. ..just beautiful Kel! I’m in tears! Your Dad is the best, and he surely raised a very blessed daughter or two! Enjoy the best time ever together! Love you

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