About Me

Welcome to a slice of my life, a slice of my heart, my soul, my brain, my personality that is my blog, my passions and my business. I was born & raised in Vancouver, WA, a growing city apart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I like puddle jumping, crafting,  reading (with tea), making plans to travel, skiing, camping,  road trip music, DIYing, party-planning, recycling and zero-wasting (DUH) oh and vegan cooking and baking. I participate in the the wonderful roles of being a wife, daughter, Jesus follower, friend, sister, crazy aunt, dental hygienist and entrepreneur. I am a women’s activist. I dream of being a mother, gardener, herbalist and homesteader. In the time being, I will be a city dwelling, eco-movement believer. I believe that it’s okay to not be an expert at one thing and not claim yourself so. I’m winging it with this whole business thing. I live my life by the mantra of “If you want to try something, try it!” What do I have to loose other than a bit of dignity which is just a fancy word for pride?

All are welcome here.

I welcome all people, questions, pen-pals, concerns, coffee dates, comments, suggestions and feedback.

Apologies for highly bad-grammar