About Me

a balanced life in an unbalanced world.

Welcome to a slice of my life, a slice of my heart, my soul, my brain, my personality. I was born & raised in Vancouver, WA, a growing city apart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I like puddle jumping, crafting,  reading, making plans to travel, skiing, camping,  road trip music, zero-wasting and recycling (DUH) oh and vegan cooking and baking. I participate in the the wonderful roles of being a wife, daughter, friend, sister, crazy aunt, dental hygienist and entrepreneur. I am a women’s activist. I dream of being a mother, gardener, herbalist and home eco-dyer and homesteader. In the time being I will be a city dwelling, eco-movement believer. I believe that it’s okay to not be an expert at one thing and not claim yourself so. If you want to try something, try it! If you want to be good at something, start slow and small.

All are welcome here.

In my 24 years of life, I have learned that life is balance. I have thought myself a bit of a middle woman. Not only am I mostly a size medium…That’s where I want dwell. I want to explain ideas that are complicated into non-complicated terms. I want to motivate people who think they can’t do something, to do it. With the internet, comes great things, but also a LOT of information. I want to be your trial & error, your researcher; to save you time, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Life can be hard, I get it, but with Jesus it can have true purpose.I believe we were not created by God solely to be happy. One benefit can and should be peace, joy and fullness or as a great author calls “Wholeheartedness”- Brene Brown. We were created to share His love. Join me in this journey in practicing one of the many ways of Jesus; simple living with purpose.

I welcome all questions, pen-pals, concerns, coffee dates, comments, suggestions and feedback.

Apologies for highly bad-grammar