About Me

a balanced life in an unbalanced world. 

Welcome to a slice of my life. Let me tell you about myself, I was born & raised in Vancouver, WA, a growing city apart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I like the rain (puddle jumping), crafting (I usually wing it), reading (lets be honest, YA dystopian novels), making goals to travel (never been overseas), camping (just for smores), road trips (because of Destiny’s Child and Blink 182 and flat farmlands), movies, recycling, cooking (I am a little terrible at it), and much more. I believe that it’s okay to not be an expert at one thing, to not claim yourself as a full “connoisseur” (photographer, traveler, crafter, cooker, etc.) I’d say I connect with the outdoors, but I also like shows and movies. I like to go to new places but have never been to NYC or the Grand Canyon. I want to be fit but I am not in the best shape of my life.  I like to craft but I can’t really wood-work and I am not that arty. So, you get the picture! That’s all OKAY! It’s just if you want to try something, try it! If you want to be good at something, start slow and small. For example, I have been recently super inspired to live simply, motivation comes from my church community, and my forever passion of living earth-friendly. Did Jesus care about material possessions? Will he ever? No. I like to focus on what matters; family, friends, joy, community, health, prayer, the environment, and purpose. My posts will be about anything from DIY experiments to being a loving wife, friend or daughter.

So this is a website for someone who feels like life is just A LOT. That it’s all the rage to be artsy/crafty/frugal, a fit person, natural/organic, be financially wealthy, cool on social media, have the cutest clothes, a perfect minimalist. Added on: the most independent authentic person whose smart, pretty, spontaneous the list can go on and on. With that said..

In my 24 years of life, I have learned that life is balance. I have had a semi-passion for journaling (it’s so therapeutic) and recently I have thought myself a bit of a middle woman. Not to mention I am almost ALWAYS size medium…I want to explain ideas that are complicated into non-complicated terms. I want to motivate people who think they can’t do something, to do it. With the internet, comes great things, but also a LOT of information. I want to be your trial & error, your researcher; to save you time, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I want to bridge that gap between non-Jesus followers and Jesus freaks (a good thing!) by showing that all humans have faults and failures, and to just understand what is important and what matters.

If you are like me, you are look at blogs for the meat, the actual useful content. I find myself constantly scrolling through a novel of a blog just to get to a 3 ingredient banana pancake recipe (yum-1 mushed ripe banana, 1 egg & 1/3 cup oats. There ya go). This is not necessary and I am not going to read it (I am currently doing what I am talking bad about, whoops). All power to them and I really do appreciate the content and find it useful and inspiring. I am no professional writer or blog reader. For people who find that life giving, read and write away! With that said, I warm you: I suck at grammar, spelling, vocabulary, technical blog terms and technology (for my generation) and I am A-OK with that, and I actually embrace it. I intend to keep tutorials, journal entries, questionnaires, opinions, rants, who-know-what-else and straight babbling to a minimum…with no guarantee, see terms and conditions.

Life can be hard, but with Jesus it can have true purpose and joy. I believe we were not created by God solely to be happy. We were created to share His love. Join me in this journey in practicing one of the ways of Jesus: simple-sensibleliving, with purpose…attainable, reasonable, replicatable, REAL.  My photos are mine aka IPhone camera unless otherwise stated  by guests or what not. They are, for the most part, minimally edited; reason A) real life doesn’t compare to photos and B) so much professional photography is out there and I ain’t one of em.

CAUTION: (G rated) highly bad-grammar/probably ignorant-at-times content with a broad spectrum of material…

Whenever I have time, whenever you have time, feel free to browse or contact me with anything. If you have questions, concerns, want to critique me, be pen pals, or just want to ride this blogging bus along with me.