How TO’s and What to DO’s

This journey begins with “When I run out, I will replace with something more natural” “ Is there a cheaper way to do this?” “ Is there a more environmentally friendly way to do this?” “Does this item matter?, do I really need this?” and plain ol’ “I can make that”.

If you are reading this you are probably interested in a semi-sustainable, more natural, ethical and environmentally friendly life, but if nothing else, frugal. The point is to be conscious of consumer decisions. Do you really need that $40 hair product? Absolutely not and to boot it probably comes in plastic with a bunch of who-knows-what in it. Less consumerism means less plastic and STUFF and more time searching for and finding what matters; relationships and purpose, not vanity and material possessions. Less buying means more making(that’s the fun stuff anyway)! All these how TO’s and what to DO’s are to help you sifle through the overwhelming ‘just google it’ phrase that comes up when asking yourself these questions. With that being said these are my experiences with these products. Everyone is different but with most recipes, you can wing/adjust them to your liking. Apologies go out for the type A’s out there that need specific instructions. I don’t want to tell you how to live, I want to make it easier for you to try these things and learn for yourself and care why you are doing them.

Would you agree, that humans are ignorant in nature? We don’t know what we don’t know, doesn’t make us innocent though. There is much that the average American citizen is very ignorant about, their inefficient gas gussler truck they drive to work everyday in traffic for an hour (don’t get me started on traffic) or how much food and plastic they buy just to throw away, forever in a landfill, even if it could’ve been recycled. I am not saying I am perfect. at all.whatsoever.far from.  but it takes another type of person to be conscious of it, to take action, to have steps in place to not be as ignorant, to care about living a simple more meaningful life, to take care of this earth for future generations. So without any more delay, I urge you to take this journey with me, ahead of me even if that’s where you are, in becoming a more conscious person about consumerism & the environment.  Jesus did not have many belongings/cloths/money and the goal is to be like him, to be close with him, knowingly or not, that was humans ache for. The trick is, I don’t believe you can be conscious without caring and doing something about it.