Husband Applying Makeup Video

Couldn’t think of a better way to reminisce my big time makeup days than this Snapchat story from Feb 2017. He was so confident he could make it look like exactly how I did my makeup…..

More to come in June: A Month of Zero Makeup. For now I’m going to fall asleep and neither my husband or I will have an alarm clock or somewhere to be tomorrow morning. Amen Jesus thank you for rest.

Conventional Makeup is Poison: MIND, Body, and Earth.

Not too long ago I was interested in a more healthy, holistic, natural lifestyle. I took the ground running. Following Jesus has played a monumental role it that decision. It has opened my eyes to so much more of this world than I even imagined, good and bad. But before that, I was deeply involved with the average consumerism of today’s cosmetic industry; name brands, department store, designer, you name it, I wanted to try it all. Why? I have no idea…probably to have ‘self-made beauty’ or to have “perfection”. EW BLEH NO MORE NOT HERE, and not to future generations if I have a say in it. To put my (once) words into a picture: This is what I saw after being at Walgreens for less than 5 minutes and it broke my heart…

Say NO to Conventional Pharmacy, Grocery, Department Store and name brand Makeup. Its poisoning our MIND, body and earth.

A few things in my life have pushed this issue right in front of my face. First of all, I think of my own perception of beauty and am dissecting the roots in which it comes from with this June: A Month of Zero Makeup. Second, I spend time with infant girls, wonderful, beautiful, precious souls and I think of what I want for them (especially my own children eventually). What do I want them to know about themselves? I don’t want them to have distorted, shallow definitions of beautiful. I want them to be confident and radiate self-esteem. I want them to makes friends and care deeply for others beyond physicalities.  Thirdly, I want to bring attention to and reject negative media portrayals of beauty and body image. This is everywhere, in magazines, commercials, newspapers, blogposts, social media, the INTERNET. I grew up reading magazines and watching TV (they aren’t inherently bad) but they do need to be filtered, from ourselves, from parents, from suppliers and lastly and mostly the companies pumping them out. I watch television and read articles now and notice negative undertones that are represented in marketing schemes, slowly building incorrect perceptions of beauty. We need to DRASTICALLY change the way we view ourselves and others so that we can prepare the next generations to come. They will face difficulties and challenges, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to tackle this one, NOW. The most genuine children I’ve been around are those who are visually impaired. It brings tears to my eyes of the honest, true and natural kindness they show to others. They do not have the boundaries of eyesight. They want to see people, for WHO they are not what they look like. I do not believe this is a coincidence. God created and intended on a perfect relationship between man/woman and Himself and women and men together. Those whose eyes were not open.

Ask yourself, what do you want for yourself and other women? For your children? How do we do this? I can’t really tell you exactly. For me, I am begining with a month of Zero Makeup. Realize what we purchase and use, and therefore support. What are they portraying? We look within ourselves. We reflect. We have conversations. We take action. So, I will actively oppose, discourage, and disapprove of toxic makeup and their media. Are you with me? Comment “I will, I do, or Yes” below to pledge to be a part of this. To stand together.



Pretty as a picture: The Truth about Airbrushing Pictures

The Bible

Just days in of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Not a lot beats some sunshine in a grassy field, makeup or not.

May 31- Taking advantage of my “last day” to wear makeup
June 1- Day 1 of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Thoughts Lessons Emotions Questions

Only 6 days in and I’ve already learned a lot about myself. For one, its not as climactic and exciting as I thought, not a lot of people notice or say anything if they do. I guess its not ‘proper’ to ask why someone isn’t wearing makeup. Funny, because I would gladly tell ya! Maybe now I will start complimenting people when I notice that they aren’t wearing gobs of makeup, they usually look like themselves more anyway! Better yet, complimenting peoples smiles and achievements rather than go for the superficial stuff first. A weakness I have found is that I find myself envying peoples hair color, texture and style. Maybe it has to do with frustration that the world is full of toxic options for the earth and our bodies, and those are the norm! That I choose not be ignorant and use chemicals, dyes, waste, fragrances and plastics. I thought I was going to be nervous to go to work, where it’s assumed that one will wear makeup to seem more ‘professional’, but surprisingly it hasn’t really phased me that much. With that said my acne has been a tad bit more controlled so that makes it easier. I also have gotten used to not doing my makeup for my getting ready routine. It’s kind of nice to take that decision out of my day. It’s just in the beginning so we’ll see what else is in store these next few weeks. Will I just go back to my same exact feelings and routine at the end of this?

June: Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Learning definitions of things take examples of what it is and what it is NOT. So lets try to get something straight.

Inner Beauty is NOT defined by:

  • skin color, texture, complexion, shade
  • hair length, color, texture, style, shade, volume
  • body weight, size, shape, length, health
  • clothing, possessions, travel experience, cars, accessories, jobs

Rewriting our definition of


Beauty is:

  • generosity
  • love
  • compassion
  • faithfullness
  • confidence
  • laughter
  • appreciation
  • patience
  • hard work
  • hope

I am not anti-makeup. I do believe things and people are beautiful: flowers, art, mountains, women. The thing that I don’t think most people get is that Beauty is about more than just the outside. It’s whats on the inside that matters most. Yeah, we’re taught that general concept in school, educations/ethical/morale books and TV shows, but do we live it? Do you practice it? Do we believe it? Most likely no. And yeah, I believe that some people are more aesthetically or physiologically pleasing to the eye but not by (my new) definition of Beauty. They can be attractive and appealing. I think that Americans have a skewed scale of beauty (I can’t speak for others or in fact probably no one); weighing external more than internal, believing lies that the media provides or generational assumptions about external beauty we’re brought up to know. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I won’t go on a rampage, after all this is to be considerate of all perspectives. I do understand there are HUGE worldly cultural/racial/religious involvements and I’m not pretending like I understand them, but let’s create not consume our own definitions by rewording our brains understanding on beauty.

I just got an email (TOTAL JUNK) titled thus: “How to Slow Signs of Aging”. You know what?! It made me a little angry… How many women have amazing older mentors that are beautiful in all their concentration, determination forehead wrinkles, with all their full blown belly laugh eye crows feet? My hope is that the answer is ALL women do, whether that’s a grandmother, a neighbor, a teacher, an aunt, a celebrity, an author, a women of history etc. GUESS WHAT? Every living being will get wrinkles with age. This doesn’t even cover what was inside of this email; pushy marketing for toxic chemical products. I look forward to the day people look at me and think “she has wisdom and has looked straight at far too many sunsets” rather than “she doesn’t have wrinkles at her age”. What about you?

With all that being said, women, you are strong and beautiful.



June: A Month of Zero Makeup

June is happy, June is bright, June is sunny, June is fun, June is a good month. A good month to do something crazy. I’ve been so fed up with societal “beauty”, acne and makeup that I’ve decided to ditch it for a month. Completely. No make up. You heard me.



In April I did a Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition. But now it’s basically summer!June is acne awareness month and in respect of this, I am hoping to make a stance against toxic makeup brands, toxic pollution, and most of all toxic human perception. As a result I hope to gain a truer understanding of my own self perception as well as how I perceive others. I hope to influence and intrigue you and others around me to do the same. I guess that’s what a blog is anyway. HA! How freeing and enlightening to say BYE to all that BS and show the world our true beauty. Our inner beauty. I bet a LOT of women around the world don’t even have the option to make themselves “flawless”. I reject isles and isles of masking chemicals that tell us we’re beautiful if we’re “perfect”. I pray that in this process I learn so much and gain a better appreciation for what I have. Wanna join me? Contact me and we all can be strong women together this month through supportive care, encouragement and flat out fun. Check out ZERO WASTE: Makeup vs Beauty. It Takes Years. Advice, Triumphs and Fails.

Conclusion: It was AMAZING, I think I’ll do it every June! My month here:

June 2 June: Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

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June 9 Conventional Makeup is Poison: MIND, Body, and Earth.

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June 26 “You are Beautiful” written by a fellow blogger Megandlife

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DIY Zero Waste Face Powder Foundation With Pressed Option

Makeup can be expensive, wasteful, an enabler and crutch of insecurities, toxic, and time-consuming. But it can also be easy, fresh, natural, balancing and healthy.

The past 6 or so months I’ve been using this DIY face powder. It’s not my original idea, much smarter people figured this out way before me. But the goal of this blog to be an encyclopedia of environmentally friendly, DIY, low consumerism insights, ideas and inspiration. This face powder is perfect to use solo for light coverage, or in junction with liquid foundation for heavier coverage. I feel that it balances natural fluctuations of skin tone on the face instead of just covering up everything. I am a firm believer in less is more. This doubles as my bronzer (not shimmery kind). I strive for zero waste. I have goals of demolishing societal beauty and rewriting my definition of beauty starting with Beauty vs Makeup, trust me theres a difference. So to conclude, I am an eco-freak  (I seriously want to coin that term<—-I don’t even know what that means), which makes this DIY perfect for my fellow frugals.

DIY All Natural Face Foundation Powder Makeup with Pressed Option Made From Common Household Items.


(bought them all in bulk stored in mason jars)

1/4 cup Arrowroot powder

1-4+ tablespoons cocoa powder (1.5-2 tablespoons for light/medium)

Optional Ingredients (these are estimates)

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon ground ginger

To press half the recipe 10-20 drops Other Oils (oil you like for your face) Jojoba, grape seed, fractioned coconut, almond, argon oil etc.

1-3 drops essential oils (optional)

Rubbing alcohol or vodka in a spray bottle


Start with a base of 1/4 cup arrowroot powder. Mix/sift/whisk in cocoa powder 1/2-1 tablespoon at a time until desired shade (aka test it on your face to see if color matches). Add ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon for added warmth and yellow tones. This all depends on your skin tone and shade and so therefore optional. Best to start with a little and add more if needed. But if you add too much of something slowly stir in more arrowroot powder, no biggie.

For pressed method

Drops other oil and essentials oil in and stir. Pack down. Spritz powder with 1-3 sprays with rubbing alcohol or vodka press down with a spoon, fingers or lid of some sort until packed down. It might take a couple rounds of oil and spray and packing since the powder is dry. It gets a little messy but you don’t want it too wet so slow and steady. Have patience. Eventually it packs down (about 1/3 as much as the powder). It may look darker and uneven color in some spots, that’s okay! Let it harden/evaporate overnight with the lid off and use as normal the next day.

How to use

Skip pressing if you like loose powder. Dip brush and tap off excess. Brush it on your face gently before and after liquid foundation. Or after DIY Tinted Daily Sunscreen to soak up the oils for a natural SPF-kind of day- look. Store in a sealed container in a dry, cool place. I.E a make up bag in a drawer in the bathroom.


  • I like the press method, it’s not as messy as powder to apply. Mine broke apart and clumped up a bit towards the end but still works fine when I rub my brush on it to get the powder (I guess I could sift it..too much effort). See photo below
  • I use little mason jars or a cardboard container that was the packaging for the blush I use. check out Zero Waste Makeup vs Beauty I give some reviews of products.
  • Other liquids for spritzing could be witch hazel, vinegar, aloe juice, rose water etc but I’ve only used rubbing alcohol- worth a try though, let me know how it goes!
  • This supply lasted me about 6 months, so frugal? um yes
  • Test on a small patch of skin to make sure your not sensitive to any ingredients
  • No I don’t smell like chocolate during the day but yes you may smell the ingredients when applying it
  • My skin felt happier and healthier once I ditched my store crap and switched to this, my wallet loved me and I think the earth loved me a tad. Traditional powder foundations can contain harmful chemicals/plastic as well as the cultivation of the minerals to produce them can harm the environment. See resource link. and The Dirty Dozen, cosmetics to avoid
  • Don’t throw away your old stuff, use it all if you like and properly dispose of containers. Posts coming in June on disposal, alternatives and reasoning about makeup during my Month of Zero Makeup Challenge, contact me to join.
  • Yes this isn’t literally zero waste, rubbing alcohol usually only comes in recyclable plastic and some oils are hard to find in bulk, but we do what we can right?
  • Shout out to all my sisters, God’s daughters are meant for greatness now go have a great week & weekend!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional aesthetician, dermatologist, shade artist, herbalist or cosmetologist and have zero responsibility when it comes to your face or life. It’s nice that way for both of us.

A Feminist Mother’s Day: and Proud of it


(that I participated in today)

Book: Half the Church by Carolyn Curtis James

Podcast: The Liturgists Podcast: Women (episode 40)

To you it may be a bunch of junk. That’s okay, I’d probably say the same thing. But to me, this is MY pile of junk. It’s 5 generations (or more) of strong, bold, fun-loving, sacrificial, unique women. Mothers as a matter of fact.




On this special Mother’s Day, I sit here (forcibly recovering from wisdom teeth removal) and reflect on the women of today.

All women.

All over the world.

All Gods wonderful treasure and amazing gift to humanity.

So today I celebrate a Feminist Mother’s Day and I’m darn proud of it.

My eyes open to the struggles of motherhood, my ears listen to the pains of sexism, my heart receives the love of a niece, my brain processes the inequality of women in the church. Of mothers alike. And what do I do? What do we do? We stand together, we celebrate small equality victories and we stand against what is wrong in the world. An open heart and time is all it takes to become aware of a worldly situation and societal attitude.

Feminism is NOT hating on the men. It’s not bringing anyone down. It’s rising people up. Feminism is changing our ways for the better of the mothers and daughter of the world.

Once again (short list of) RESOURCES:

Book: Half the Church by Carolyn Curtis James

Podcast: The Liturgists Podcast: Women (episode 40)