Three Bath and Body Hacks for When You’re On a Tight Budget

Big things are happening with YourEarthIt so stay tuned to new design and potentially a business out of this thing I started as  hobby. Sorry is has been a little while since I’ve been on here!


With that, my husband and I have been a pretty strict budget these past few months. We’ve had job and housing transitions. Like-make veggie pot pie without the creamy inside…or mixing coconut yogurt to make ‘milk’ for cereal-kind of budget. Some of that was out of laziness or unplanned-ness BUT we did have to tighten up our budget quite a bit; and what came out of it was some pretty frugal and useful tips for bath and body. Less than $5-10 that lasted me around 4+ months!

Three Bath and Body Hacks for When You’re On a Tight Budget.

  1. Don’t use conditioner. Really? Really. If you have average-ish hair (not too greasy, not too dry) than you can definitely can get away with no conditioner. Especially if you use a great all- natural shampoo like I use at Plaine Products. My advice would be to not shampoo your hair every day, ain’t nobody got time for that anyway AND use a tiny bit of oil (see below) or DIY body dew to give it a conditioned feel. As a good family friend always says- dot dot not a lot!
  2. Use inexpensive oil- for everything. In my frugalness, I used olive oil and grapeseed oil for a plethora of uses, like body and face moisturizer, facial oil cleansingDIY dandruff treatment, nail bed treatment, hair conditioner, and MORE!
  3. Use green tea as a tonic/moisturizing spray. Get a box or even better bulk loose leaf organic green tea or tea bags, brew some up, store tea in a glass container in the fridge and use to your liking for a week or so until you need more! It’s easy as that. I use this tonic prior to moisturizing my face, spritz before and after makeup application, spritz my face a dewy look, spray whole body for out of shower rejuvenation and moisture. It also fights acne, is anti-inflammatory and has great anti-oxidant properties (Source). BONUS!



Husband Applying Makeup Video

Couldn’t think of a better way to reminisce my big time makeup days than this Snapchat story from Feb 2017. He was so confident he could make it look like exactly how I did my makeup…..

More to come in June: A Month of Zero Makeup. For now I’m going to fall asleep and neither my husband or I will have an alarm clock or somewhere to be tomorrow morning. Amen Jesus thank you for rest.

Just days in of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Not a lot beats some sunshine in a grassy field, makeup or not.

May 31- Taking advantage of my “last day” to wear makeup
June 1- Day 1 of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Thoughts Lessons Emotions Questions

Only 6 days in and I’ve already learned a lot about myself. For one, its not as climactic and exciting as I thought, not a lot of people notice or say anything if they do. I guess its not ‘proper’ to ask why someone isn’t wearing makeup. Funny, because I would gladly tell ya! Maybe now I will start complimenting people when I notice that they aren’t wearing gobs of makeup, they usually look like themselves more anyway! Better yet, complimenting peoples smiles and achievements rather than go for the superficial stuff first. A weakness I have found is that I find myself envying peoples hair color, texture and style. Maybe it has to do with frustration that the world is full of toxic options for the earth and our bodies, and those are the norm! That I choose not be ignorant and use chemicals, dyes, waste, fragrances and plastics. I thought I was going to be nervous to go to work, where it’s assumed that one will wear makeup to seem more ‘professional’, but surprisingly it hasn’t really phased me that much. With that said my acne has been a tad bit more controlled so that makes it easier. I also have gotten used to not doing my makeup for my getting ready routine. It’s kind of nice to take that decision out of my day. It’s just in the beginning so we’ll see what else is in store these next few weeks. Will I just go back to my same exact feelings and routine at the end of this?

DIY Eyebrows and Eyelashes FAIL; lessons learned. Saturday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

Hey my people. Lets get real and talk about the DIY life. We all know this is MUCH more than just doing it yourself. It’s caring, researching, contemplating, winging it, testing, succeeding and…..FAILING.

Day 6. A big fat fail. DIY eyebrows and eyelashes. A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition.

Aloe gel, beeswax, coco powder, 5 tries, 2 glasses of wine, black tears. DIY eyebrow tinted gel and DIY mascara DOESN’T work, at least not right now with the tools I have currently. Humidity done-zo. Sweating, No. Swimming, don’t even think about it. So cheers, to my go-green, frugal sisters (and brothers, but letzbehonest) out there. I have also given DIY mascara a fair shot, using it for 6+ months.

My first public fail. There will be more I promise you that. I learn and grow more with fails, unfortunately.

The lessons I’ve learned:

-humility is key

-be a tad bit more prepared

-don’t procrastinate (will always be learning)

-failing is good, it’s real, it’s life

-screw vanity, societal beauty, and fame

-nothing is THAT important, the world doesn’t revolve around me

-sometimes zero waste is the opposite

-laugh at yourself everyday

-dishes suck (already knew that)

Wow, I should do this more.


A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

Monday DIY Soothing Detox Face Mask.

Tuesday DIY Lip Balm.

Wednesday DIY Anti-Dandruff, Moisturizing Hair Mask.

Thursday DIY Healing Lotion Bar.

Friday DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer.

Sunday- Rest, Celebrate and Mourn Earth Day

DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer. Friday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

TGIF!! Day 5 of A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition. Summer is just around the river bend, which means the sun is out and I am outside. The past year I’ve been feeling a little guilty for my future self of not wearing sunscreen every day. Half of that I think is just myths we’ve been told, BUT it doesn’t hurt and yes the sun CAN damage your skin. I think everyone can attest to that. This DIY daily sunscreen is light enough to use under make up or just use the tinted version for a natural look.

DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer

I’m really not going to get into the SPF debacle about “other oils” like carrot seed or coconut, uncoated, non-nano zinc oxide does work! My recipe is ~%20 in weight zinc oxide so about 20 Sun Protector Factor or SPF.

what you need (makes a small major jar amount, will seriously last for a long time because you really don’t need to use that much to apply)

.4 oz (~1 tablespoon) shea butter ( are you recognizing a theme to this DIY)

.4 oz (~1 tablespoon) coconut oil (non fractioned)

.2 (2 teaspoons) uncoated, non-nano Zinc Oxide Powder (see label in photo below)

.2 (1 teaspoon) Other Oils of your choosing for your skin properties (I used argon, carrot seed and vit E combo)

~ 1 tablespoon coco powder (option for tinted version)

Hand mixer

Food scale

Mason jar or tin or reusable container


Have ingredients room temperature. Put glass container on scale and tare it to 0. Add all ingredients except zinc oxide and coco powder (for tinted). Mix and whip it up with hand mixer for a minute. Use food scale to correct amount of zinc oxide. Mix again until incorporated. Add coco powder while mixing (or bronzer/powder foundation) slowly until desired color.

Use prior to make up application and multiple times if in direct sunlight. I brush on powder make up to soak up the oils. I’ve made other sunscreen like a SPF lotion bar and loved it but it’s sticky and waterproof to stay on. Will do that recipe another day!! Have fun in the sun. Like my kitty!!

Day 1- DIY Soothing Detox Face Mask

Day 2- DIY Lip Balm

Day 3- DIY Anti-Dandruff, Moisturizing Hair Mask

Day 4- DIY Healing Lotion Bar

Day 6- DIY Eyebrows and Eyelashes FAIL; lessons learned

Day 7- Rest, Celebrate and Mourn Earth Day

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a skin expert, use caution with homemade stuff (but I’m proud of you)

DIY Healing Lotion Bar. Thursday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

Thursday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition. DAY 4 PEOPLE!! We can do this. You know those days where you are just exhausted to think. I think I’m there. Thank God for rest and Friday’s to come and sleep and snuggling with a book.

DIY Healing Lotion Bar

I seriously love these things, any kind of any sort. My auntie gifted some to me for my birthday OVER 6 months ago and I just ran what do I do? I make it myself. These are my pointers: I only use them when I’m real dry and crusty, need extra moisturizing like after shaving, or have have any dry spots. I use them before bed or in the winter whenever because your going to bundle up in clothes anyway BECAUSE they can feel a little sticky (with beeswax) and greasy (without beeswax). BUT who cares they work and are SOOO easy to make AND use. You jut rub a dub dub and your skin does the melting and rubbing at the same time. mind blown.

What you need for BEESWAX ones (makes roughly 2 bars or 4 small ones) 

1/4 cup Shea butter

1/4 cup Coconut oil

1/4 cup Beeswax

Other oils- vit E, apricot kernel, grapeseed, argon, jojoba, safflower etc. -optional

10-15 drops Essential oils-I used lavender and frankincense- optional

molds or muffin tins

What you need for NON-BEESWAX ones (makes 1 bar or 2 small ones)

1 tablespoon Shea butter

2 tablespoons coco butter

1/2 teaspoon Other oils (see above for examples)- optional

5-10 drops Essential oils- I used Young Livings JOY blend- optional

molds or muffin tin


Melt all ingredients together except the essential oils via double broiler method (see my bootleg version below). Take off heat, add essential oils. Pour into molds (see photo for small and large) or muffin tin, or make a big batch by multiplying ingredients into bread pan and cut into bars (tell me how that goes I haven’t tried). Let sit out to harder or put in fridge/freezer and use when hardened. They should stay solid at room temp. Store extras in the fridge/freezer. Rub on designated area and enjoy the lather, smooth goodness of fresh -radiant-dewy skin.

Day 1- DIY Soothing Detox Face Mask

Day 2- DIY Lip Balm

Day 3- DIY Anti-Dandruff, Moisturizing Hair Mask

Day 5- DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer

Day 6- DIY Eyebrows and Eyelashes FAIL; lessons learned

Day 7- Rest, Celebrate and Mourn Earth Day

DIY Soothing Detox Face Mask. Monday- A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

Welcome to A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition. Lets start with something super easy! Check out Tuesdays DIY Lip Balm.

DIY Soothing Detox Face Mask

What I love about this, is that it is made from pretty common, natural-living household goods therefore quick, cheap and readily available to mix up a batch when I run out.

What you need

  • 1/2 teaspoon Green Clay
  • 1 teaspoon White Bentonite Clay
  • 3 capsules Activated Charcoal supplement
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda (optional, are bottom notes)
  • 1 teaspoon+ liquid- water, green tea, aloe juice, rose water ext.

Activated charcoal can be used for many different ailments because it soaks up toxins. Baking soda is the backbone of going all natural; being a key ingredient in DIY Deodorant, baking (DUH), cleaning and MORE! Bentonite clay is a little less common (I had to research and buy some after going all-natural, natural grocery store and amazon) but very useful, detoxing and nourishing! I still haven’t figured out exactly green, white, red Bentonite clay. The Indian Healing clay I have has a green tint and the Redmond Clay is more white. They have a little different properties/strengths I’ve noticed from experience. If I use only Indian healing clay my face is red afterwards. And If I only use the Redmond’s, my face doesn’t feel as detoxed. They come in recyclable plastic and will last my at LEAST a couple years, but I intend to find a zero waste alternative next time. On the bright side it’s better than using those pre-packaged masks- so much trash!


Mix together dry ingredients and store with a tight lid in dry place. To get activated charcoal out twist and pull apart veggie capsule to reveal the black powder. I keep the empty capsules to use to homemade essential oils tabs. When ready to use the mask, mix 2 parts dry to 1 part liquid into a paste(may have to add a couple more drops liquid) and shmear on face. Leave for 10-20 mins. It’ll get dry and cracky. Wash/rinse off. Use a nourishing facial oil and tonic afterwards (or whatever your face moisturizer routine is) you’ll feel brand new!!

The important thing is knowing your skin, I’ll just go right out and say it, I have acne, the bad cystic scarring grueling stuff. So I use this daily during breakouts and once a week for maintenance. For you it might be once a month when your feeling grimy, only spot treatment on those buggers we call zits, or twice a year during a girls night in with cucumber eyes and all. TIP: use before or in shower for less of a mess!

Notes: omit baking soda(or any component to that matter) if you are sensitive to it or don’t have mod-severe acne. Also, I just use water, anything else is a lot of effort.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical provider, just in case you didn’t know.

A Week of Zero Waste DIY Challenge: Beauty Edition

Day 1- DIY Detox, Soothing Face Mask

Day 2- DIY Lip Balm

Day 3- DIY Anti-Dandruff, Moisturizing Hair Mask

Day 4- DIY Healing Lotion Bar

Day 5- DIY Daily Sunscreen Face Moisturizer.

Day 6- DIY Eyebrows and Eyelashes FAIL; lessons learned

Day 7- Rest, Celebrate and Mourn Earth Day