Three Bath and Body Hacks for When You’re On a Tight Budget

Big things are happening with YourEarthIt so stay tuned to new design and potentially a business out of this thing I started as  hobby. Sorry is has been a little while since I’ve been on here!


With that, my husband and I have been a pretty strict budget these past few months. We’ve had job and housing transitions. Like-make veggie pot pie without the creamy inside…or mixing coconut yogurt to make ‘milk’ for cereal-kind of budget. Some of that was out of laziness or unplanned-ness BUT we did have to tighten up our budget quite a bit; and what came out of it was some pretty frugal and useful tips for bath and body. Less than $5-10 that lasted me around 4+ months!

Three Bath and Body Hacks for When You’re On a Tight Budget.

  1. Don’t use conditioner. Really? Really. If you have average-ish hair (not too greasy, not too dry) than you can definitely can get away with no conditioner. Especially if you use a great all- natural shampoo like I use at Plaine Products. My advice would be to not shampoo your hair every day, ain’t nobody got time for that anyway AND use a tiny bit of oil (see below) or DIY body dew to give it a conditioned feel. As a good family friend always says- dot dot not a lot!
  2. Use inexpensive oil- for everything. In my frugalness, I used olive oil and grapeseed oil for a plethora of uses, like body and face moisturizer, facial oil cleansingDIY dandruff treatment, nail bed treatment, hair conditioner, and MORE!
  3. Use green tea as a tonic/moisturizing spray. Get a box or even better bulk loose leaf organic green tea or tea bags, brew some up, store tea in a glass container in the fridge and use to your liking for a week or so until you need more! It’s easy as that. I use this tonic prior to moisturizing my face, spritz before and after makeup application, spritz my face a dewy look, spray whole body for out of shower rejuvenation and moisture. It also fights acne, is anti-inflammatory and has great anti-oxidant properties (Source). BONUS!



DIY Vegan, Naturally-Colored Candy Corn

Happy Halloweeeeeeen………month!

On a whim, I bought a candy thermometer and decided to go for homemade, vegan, food-dyed candy corn again (last year’s was a droopy fail since the recipe I followed didn’t cook the syrup). I’m excited! Are you ready?

I fully intended on this being a very difficult, long, messy process. I had intentions of having to scientifically add a ‘wax’ of some sort or agar as a solidifier and GUESS WHAT?! It never got close to that point. One try and done, literally. Nothing complicated. Yeah they’re not the cutest or realistic in size but they are fun and easy to make not to mention vegan, naturally colored and yummy: triple bonus! The more I practice the more store-bought they’ll look, even though that’s not necessarily always the goal.


  • Stove and pot
  • Candy thermometer
  • Cutting board or non-stick/scratch surface
  • Pizza cutter or knife
  • Measuring cups and spoons


  • 1 & 1/2 cups powder sugar (separated)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/6 cup or 3 tablespoons corn syrup
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • Turmeric powder
  • Beet root powder


  • Stir together oil, corn syrup and sugar in pot on stove on medium heat. Once stirred leave alone to cook. Stick the candy thermometer in and wait for temperature to rise to 245-250 degrees F, the mixture should be bubbling. This will take 1-6 minutes depending on stove.
  • Immediately take off heat once at desired temperature (my candy thermometer had a hard and soft ball marker near 245-250 so I did in between). Stir in vanilla, it will bubble and is HOT so wear protective clothes and try not to be too aggressive with stirring.
  • Add powder sugar a bit at a time while stirring until a dough ball that’s not too sticky or wet looking. It may not need all the powder sugar or it may need more. It will be squishy because it’s hot. Put the dough ball aside on a plate or a surface to cool for 5-10 minutes.
  • Once it’s cool enough to work with your hands but not cold and rock hard, divide into three parts. Add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric to one ball. Add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric and 1/4 teaspoon of beet root powder to the other, leaving the third one white. Work in with hands careful not to stain clothes (this is where kids could come in!)
  • Roll out into snakes and line the colors up. Use a kid safe knife or have an adult pizza cut the strips into triangles resembling candy corn. It dries and hardens as you go so speed is of the essence (10-15 minutes) but still have fun!
  • Once all dough is rolled and cut use your fingers to round edges and shape to your liking.
  • Let dry overnight. Mix with peanuts, jar them up for display, serve on a cupcake and/or eat! Store in bowl (if you have self control) out for all your creepy guests!!

Example of strips and the recipe I used for inspiration and tweaking Here. They have great troubleshooting as well, I just didn’t come across any so hopefully you don’t too!

In conclusion: I am definitely adding this to our yearly October tradition. Would be a great activity with kids who love candy, play-dough, crafts and baking. As I am a giant kid, as we all should be ESPECIALLY during Halloween, all should enjoy this treat. Half the fun is making it! No Tricks here just Treats. Have fun and let me know how yours turn out.

“You are Beautiful” written by a fellow blogger Megandlife

“You are beautiful”. A very real and loving look at self image and identity.

TGIF: My Hardest Day of Zero Makeup

Thank God it’s Friday!! I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed…


Husband Applying Makeup Video

Couldn’t think of a better way to reminisce my big time makeup days than this Snapchat story from Feb 2017. He was so confident he could make it look like exactly how I did my makeup…..

More to come in June: A Month of Zero Makeup. For now I’m going to fall asleep and neither my husband or I will have an alarm clock or somewhere to be tomorrow morning. Amen Jesus thank you for rest.

Conventional Makeup is Poison: MIND, Body, and Earth.

Not too long ago I was interested in a more healthy, holistic, natural lifestyle. I took the ground running. Following Jesus has played a monumental role it that decision. It has opened my eyes to so much more of this world than I even imagined, good and bad. But before that, I was deeply involved with the average consumerism of today’s cosmetic industry; name brands, department store, designer, you name it, I wanted to try it all. Why? I have no idea…probably to have ‘self-made beauty’ or to have “perfection”. EW BLEH NO MORE NOT HERE, and not to future generations if I have a say in it. To put my (once) words into a picture: This is what I saw after being at Walgreens for less than 5 minutes and it broke my heart…

Say NO to Conventional Pharmacy, Grocery, Department Store and name brand Makeup. Its poisoning our MIND, body and earth.

A few things in my life have pushed this issue right in front of my face. First of all, I think of my own perception of beauty and am dissecting the roots in which it comes from with this June: A Month of Zero Makeup. Second, I spend time with infant girls, wonderful, beautiful, precious souls and I think of what I want for them (especially my own children eventually). What do I want them to know about themselves? I don’t want them to have distorted, shallow definitions of beautiful. I want them to be confident and radiate self-esteem. I want them to makes friends and care deeply for others beyond physicalities.  Thirdly, I want to bring attention to and reject negative media portrayals of beauty and body image. This is everywhere, in magazines, commercials, newspapers, blogposts, social media, the INTERNET. I grew up reading magazines and watching TV (they aren’t inherently bad) but they do need to be filtered, from ourselves, from parents, from suppliers and lastly and mostly the companies pumping them out. I watch television and read articles now and notice negative undertones that are represented in marketing schemes, slowly building incorrect perceptions of beauty. We need to DRASTICALLY change the way we view ourselves and others so that we can prepare the next generations to come. They will face difficulties and challenges, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to tackle this one, NOW. The most genuine children I’ve been around are those who are visually impaired. It brings tears to my eyes of the honest, true and natural kindness they show to others. They do not have the boundaries of eyesight. They want to see people, for WHO they are not what they look like. I do not believe this is a coincidence. God created and intended on a perfect relationship between man/woman and Himself and women and men together. Those whose eyes were not open.

Ask yourself, what do you want for yourself and other women? For your children? How do we do this? I can’t really tell you exactly. For me, I am begining with a month of Zero Makeup. Realize what we purchase and use, and therefore support. What are they portraying? We look within ourselves. We reflect. We have conversations. We take action. So, I will actively oppose, discourage, and disapprove of toxic makeup and their media. Are you with me? Comment “I will, I do, or Yes” below to pledge to be a part of this. To stand together.



Pretty as a picture: The Truth about Airbrushing Pictures

The Bible

Just days in of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Not a lot beats some sunshine in a grassy field, makeup or not.

May 31- Taking advantage of my “last day” to wear makeup
June 1- Day 1 of June: A Month of Zero Makeup

Thoughts Lessons Emotions Questions

Only 6 days in and I’ve already learned a lot about myself. For one, its not as climactic and exciting as I thought, not a lot of people notice or say anything if they do. I guess its not ‘proper’ to ask why someone isn’t wearing makeup. Funny, because I would gladly tell ya! Maybe now I will start complimenting people when I notice that they aren’t wearing gobs of makeup, they usually look like themselves more anyway! Better yet, complimenting peoples smiles and achievements rather than go for the superficial stuff first. A weakness I have found is that I find myself envying peoples hair color, texture and style. Maybe it has to do with frustration that the world is full of toxic options for the earth and our bodies, and those are the norm! That I choose not be ignorant and use chemicals, dyes, waste, fragrances and plastics. I thought I was going to be nervous to go to work, where it’s assumed that one will wear makeup to seem more ‘professional’, but surprisingly it hasn’t really phased me that much. With that said my acne has been a tad bit more controlled so that makes it easier. I also have gotten used to not doing my makeup for my getting ready routine. It’s kind of nice to take that decision out of my day. It’s just in the beginning so we’ll see what else is in store these next few weeks. Will I just go back to my same exact feelings and routine at the end of this?